2023 Fees

Under 3 years

8:30-12:30 / 1-5pm$38.00
9-3pm daily$52.00
8:30-3pm daily$58.50
9-3pm weekly$234.00  (10% discount)
8-5pm daily$76.50
8-5 weekly$328.00  (15% discount)

Over 3 years

8:30-3:00 daily2 days- $16.00
3 days- $24.00
4 days- $51.00
5 days- $99.00
8-5pm daily2 days- $51.00
3 days- $76.50
4 days-$136.00

8-5 weekly5 days-$191.25  (10% discount)


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Message Sent

A minimum enrolment of two sessions per week is required

Two weeks notice required when withdrawing your child from the centre.

Please note that you will receive extra charges if your child attends outside of your booked times. 

A late payment fee of 1% will be added to any overdue accounts

One week’s fees need to be paid before commencement of your child at Olive Shoots.

Internet Banking Account

03 0155 0050416 00


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