The purpose of this Policy is to establish the actions that are to be taken to protect children from abuse and neglect by meeting Ministry of Education Early Childhood Education Licensing Criteria HS31& 32 and provisions of the Vulnerable Children’s Act 2014.

This policy outlines our commitment to child protection. It includes practice notes on measures to be taken to prevent child abuse.

This policy applies to all children who attend Olive Shoots ECC and to those children with whom personnel come into contact with in the course of their work with Olive Shoots.

Staff, volunteers and management of Olive Shoots are expected to be familiar with this policy. This also applies to any contracted personnel providing support services to families and the centre.

For the purpose of this policy, abuse is used in the context of adult to child. Abuse relating to child to child, or child to adult is not within the scope of this policy.


Child abuse and neglect is never acceptable. Children need our protection. The ECE sector has a key role to play in providing a safe environment for children, free from physical, emotional, verbal or sexual abuse. It also supports families/whānau to protect their children.


Children and their bodies are to be treated with respect and dignity at all times.

The protection of the child is paramount.

Our Child Protection Policy supports our staff to respond appropriately to potential child protection concerns, including suspected abuse or neglect. It is our commitment to protect children from abuse and to recognise the important roles all our staff have in protecting children.

We are committed to promoting a culture where staff feel confident that they can constructively challenge poor practice or raise issues of concern without fear of reprisal.

We have a commitment to ensure that all staff are able to identify the signs and symptoms of potential abuse and neglect and are able to take appropriate action in response.

For children to be safe from abuse and/or neglect, both parents and teachers need to have a shared understanding of what abuse is and how it can be prevented.

We will always comply with relevant legislative responsibilities.

All staff are to make themselves familiar with the Olive Shoots Child Protection Policy. We are committed to supporting all staff to work in accordance with this policy.