Fire and Earthquake and Lockdown Drills are practiced regularly  and supplies are on hand in the event of a disaster.

 In the event of an emergency closure during a session, all families will be informed by telephone and text services of the emergency and that they need to collect their child/ren from Olive Shoots. Registered staff will remain on the premises until all children are collected.

If the closure is due to an emergency where Olive Shoots needs to be evacuated, the children will be safely evacuated according to our Fire evacuation procedures.

If the closure is due to a lockdown we are not permitted to let any adults inside our buildings.

Contact information regarding the children will be taken when evacuating. If needed the Managers will ensure the relevant emergency services are called.

The children are then taken to a place of safety. This may be in the Laidlaw College Atrium in the main reception building or our Civil Defence post, which is situated at The Trusts Arena, 65-67 Central Park Drive, Henderson (across the road from the Laidlaw campus). We will remain there until children are collected by their parents/family members.

The Managers will contact the families of the children present. Staff will remain with the children during this time.

The Centre has an emergency kit of food and other supplies in case of an emergency.